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For each Foton Commercial Vehicle manufactured by Foton International Trade Co., Ltd, Beijing that is within the specified warranty period or mileage range, Foton shall provide it’s warranty servicing for any faults and part damages incurred due to quality defects in product design, manufacturing, assembly or materials, etc. once an Authorised Foton Dealer has identified, and Foton itself has confirmed, that the problems are Foton’s responsibility. Any defective part(s) shall be retained at the Foton Dealership for reference.

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This New Vehicle Warranty is given by Foton International Trade Co., Ltd, Beijing, whose ultimate responsibility is to repair the product. That is, the only way of remedying any defect of the vehicle is to repair or replace the defective component. The warranty described in this Warranty & Service Information Booklet applies only to genuine Foton products. It does not cover any financial losses, including consequential loss arising directly or indirectly from any defect or subsequent inability to use the vehicle. It also does not cover any compensation for consequential losses or damages to persons, property and cargo, or any subsequent costs that arise in relation to accommodation, meals, telephone calls, unauthorised towing or hire charges, or any repairs incurred after the expiration of the stipulated warranty period. Furthermore, this Warranty does not apply to any Foton vehicles exported or operated outside of Australia or purchased overseas and imported into Australia.

In case of improper use of the vehicle or any of its parts, or failure to carry out maintenance in accordance with the specified Maintenance Schedule, or the failure of any part due to modification or alteration of the vehicle (or Truck Body) without the permission of Foton, then this Warranty will become null and void, and any warranty claim made on behalf of the vehicle will be rejected by Foton.


a) Vehicle Warranty commences on the Date of First Sale and continues for a period of three (3) years or 160,000km (Aumark C & S) and three (3) years or 200,000km (Auman EST-M), whichever occurs first.

  • Truck bodies supplied by Foton for Aumark C & S and Auman EST-M (i.e. Pantech, Tail-Lifter, Tipper, Refrigerated, Steel Tray, etc) are covered for a period of one (1) year or 20,000km, whichever occurs first.

b) Date of First Sale is the earliest date of occurrence of any one of the following events:

  • the date the vehicle is first put into commercial use (demonstrators included); or
  • the date the vehicle is first registered for road use; or
  • the date of the contract of sale or when the vehicle title is passed to a third party outside of Foton’s Dealer Network.


If, during the Warranty period, a defect occurs in any part of your vehicle (other than that referred to in Clause 5 below) and the fault is found to be due to defective materials or workmanship, then such defects shall be repaired or replaced by an Authorised Foton Dealer on behalf of Foton, free of charge.


To claim on this Warranty, the vehicle and this Warranty & Service Information Booklet must be delivered by the owner at their expense to an Authorised Foton Dealer or Foton Service Agent. The return of the vehicle from the workshop to the owner after the completion of the repairs shall also be the responsibility of owner, at their expense. Please visit our website at to find your nearest Foton Authorised Dealer.


a) Any vehicle which has been subject to excessive use, insufficient maintenance, careless handling or accident, or any operation not in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations (e.g. exceeding load capacity, overloading engine, etc.) or which has not been serviced as per the specifications in the Operating Manual and Warranty & Service Information Booklet:

  • Any defect due to repair or service of the vehicle at a Workshop, other than that of an Authorised Foton Dealer.
  • Any defect due to an unsatisfactory repair or service of the vehicle at the Workshop of an Authorised Foton Dealer.
  • Any defect due to the use of components which are not Foton genuine parts or authorised products.
  • Any defect caused by modifications or additions not previously approved by Foton in writing
  • Any defect caused by the use of non-approved fluids, chemicals or lubricants (refer Use of Genuine Parts)
  • Any defect caused by contaminated or poor-quality fuel.
  • Any defect caused by operating the vehicle with insufficient AdBlue or AdBlue crystallisation.
  • Any vehicle that is domiciled outside Australia.
  • Any defect caused by insufficient maintenance.
  • Failing to maintain the vehicle in accordance with this Warranty & Service Information Booklet (see Maintenance Schedules), or to provide proof of servicing (i.e. a digitally generated Tax Invoice – refer Scheduled Maintenance).

b) Any insignificant defect including;

  • Very small or low sound or vibration which does not affect the driver or is deemed to be within commercial tolerances.
  • Very slight seepage of oil or the like around packing and/or oil seals which does not decrease significantly the quantity of the oil in various component pans.
  • Gaps between panels not exceeding limits set by the manufacturer.
  • External defects which are not easily visible.
  • Any reported issue that cannot be demonstrated or experienced.

c) Tyres and tubes, spark plugs, lighting globes, wiper blades, belts, ignition leads, element of air, oil and fuel filters, bolts, nuts, washers, grease nipples, plus other similar consumable items including fuels, oils and air conditioning refrigerant.

d) Any inspection, adjustments or repairs related to (wear & tear):

  • Engine tune-up
  • Filters (Fuel, Oil, AdBlue and Air)
  • Fuel, oils, coolant, fluids (Brake/Clutch & AdBlue)
  • Battery maintenance or replacement
  • Other items of periodical services specified by Foton’s printed manuals
  • Brake component wear or any resulting damage
  • Clutch component wear or any resulting damage
  • Steering and suspension re-alignment and wheel balancing
  • Body squeaks or rattles or general tightening of fasteners (after 5000km)
  • Normal wear and tear to trim and upholstery
  • Body panel adjustments (after 5000km)
  • Paint, bright metal finish to trim due to normal deterioration
  • Electrical system, including headlamp replacement
  • Door locks, striker plates and their lubrication
  • Replacement of window glass due to damage
  • Maintenance of emission control system devices

e) Wear and tear to trim or soft top fabric where fitted, or exhaust system, due to abnormal running environmental conditions.

f) Consequential damage caused by the continued use and operation of the vehicle after a fault has become apparent.

g) No immediate repair of a failed odometer resulting in no record of actual running distance.

h) Paintwork or body damage due to lack of regular maintenance (refer Anti-Perforation Body Checks – which should be completed at pre-determined intervals), damage as a result of towing, usage of incorrect cleaning materials, stone chips, exposure to saltwater or spray, chemical agent, hail, damage resulting from accident or due to deterioration caused by environmental conditions.


a) The benefits conferred by this warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies of the consumer, under law in relation to the product. All other conditions and warranties, express or implied, are hereby excluded.

b) No other person(s) are authorised by Foton to offer or give on its behalf any additional or greater Warranty, other than that given by Foton under this Warranty.

This new truck warranty information has been produced with the utmost care and attention at the time of publication. Notwithstanding this, the descriptions must be considered indicative and may be subject to change without notice, for no other reason than the constant commitment and dedication to the technical development and improvement of Foton product.