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Pricing includes GST. Freight charges included in all prices excluding canopy.

Slimline Weather Shields
FP115     Set of 4 (Free Delivery)     $198.00

Under Rail Tub Liner
FP154     Free Delivery     $488.00

Clip On Soft Tonneau Cover
FP161     Free Delivery     $465.75

Bungy Loop Tonneau Cover
FP160     Free delivery     $296.50

Tuff Lid Cover
FP165W     Steel frame vinyl cover - White Free Delivery     $1,299.50
FP165B     Steel frame vinyl cover - Black Free Delivery     $1,299.50

Up Lift Soft Cover
10333     Free Delivery     $659.00

Carpet Dash Mat
FP240     Dark Grey (Free Delivery)     $132.00

Rubber Mat Set
FP127     Front and Rear (Free Delivery)     $216.00

Canvas Seat Covers Front
FP145     Front seat Cover Set(Euro 4) (Free Delivery)     $262.00
FP147     Front seat Cover Set(Euro 5) (Free Delivery)     $262.00

Canvas Seat Covers Rear
FP146     Back seat Cover Set(Euro 4) (Free Delivery)     $243.60
FP148     Back seat Cover Set(Euro 5) (Free Delivery)     $243.60

Tow Bar (Complete set)
FP201     Euro 5 Tunland 3T Towing Cap (Free Delivery)     $988.00

1071SHOR95-A     No Side Windows, Fully Fibreglass     $2,454.00
1071SHOR95-B     Fixed Windows Both Side     $2,586.00
1071SHOR95-C     Sliding Windows Both Side     $2,736.00
1071SHOR95-E     Lift Up Window Both Sides     $2,940.00

Canopy Accessories
107TTR001     Colour Match     $600.00
3XMRBMS     H/D Roof Bar(80Kg per bar rating)     $984.00
3XMRPADRB     L/D Roof Bar(50kg bar rating)     $540.00

Steel Bull Bar
FTBB     Steel bull bar winch option (Free Delivery)     $2,400.00

V9500     9500Ib Wire Rope (Free Delivery)     $1,110.00
V9500S     9500Ib Synthetic Rope (Free Delivery)     $1,375.00
V12500     12500Ib wire Rope 12500Ib Synthetic Rope (Free Delivery)     $1,460.00
V12500S     Synthetic Rope (Free Delivery)     $1,649.00

VRS Fully recovery kit
VRSFKIT     Free Delivery     $315.00

Front Suspension 50mm lift
FTSFKIT1     Lift without accessories (Free Delivery)     $740.00
FTSFKIT2     Lift for Bullbar (Free Delivery)     $740.00
FTSKIT3     Lift for Bullbar with Winch (Free Delivery)     $740.00

Rear Susoension 50mm Lift
FTSRKIT1     Loads up to 300kg (Free Delivery)     $890.50
FTSRKIT2     Loads 300kg to 500kg (Free Delivery)     $890.50
FTSRKIT3     Loads 500kg to GVM (Free Delivery)     $950.50

Raptor Driving Lights
RAP110DL     220mm 110w pair     $820.00
RAP060DL     170mm 60w pair     $620.00
RAP012DH     Wiring harness (2 Plugs)     $59.00
RAP10MM     Lock nuts (10 pr)     $39.00

Raptor Light Bars
RAP060LB     12x5w LED light bar 60w (Free Delivery)     $320.00
RAP090LB     18x5w LED light bar 90w (Free Delivery)     $426.50
RAP120LB     24x5w LED lightbar 120w (Free Delivery)     $521.00

Head Up Display
H100     Android & iOS App Connectivity.Waze Map App Turn-by-Turn Navigigation ( Free delivery)     $899.00

Premier Dash Cam
F800 PD16     Front and Rear Cam,16GB SD card included. Super night vision (Free delivery)     $749.00

Dash Cam
F200     Front and Rear Dash Cam SD card included (Free Delivery)     $399.00